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Sanjay Raut says Eknath Shendah and Mulla gets the most beautiful butcher like security

The ground test for the Eknath Shinde government of Maharashtra will be held at the assembly today. Meanwhile, Sanjay Raut has taken to mocking the Eknath Shinde faction, saying that Shiv Sena has never relied on MLAs and MPs. He said that Shiv Sena is Pt. They were not made by MLAs and MPs, but because of the party, people became MPs and MLAs. Not only that, during this time he also mocked the security of MLAs for the Eknath Shinde faction. “Once we got to Shiv Sena, these people used to roam like lions, but today security arrangements are needed,” he said.

Relief for the troubled Chef Sina! The rebellion will likely stop, and the 16 MLAs will stay together

Sanjay Raut said, ‘Kasab didn’t even have to provide much security. So much security was provided in Mumbai that the army had to be called in. A party has never been formed from power, but if there is a party, then power comes and goes. We never doubted our people. Trust is a big thing in politics, and it’s broken. But our courage and our courage were not broken. We’ve never really centered on strength. He said: These people used to go around like lions, and what is their situation today? These people are walking around in fear now. You must have seen how much security these people had in Guwahati.

Eknath Shinde’s government may fall in the next six months, ready for elections: Pawar

Shivsina district chiefs meeting in the afternoon

Shiv Sena has called a meeting of neighborhood chiefs in the party this afternoon. In this, the rebel leaders in the party will be discussed and Shiv Sena’s promotion will be considered. Let us inform that the Eknath faction Shend first formed the government after its rebellion and is now claiming the party as well. This is why Uddhav Thackeray is constantly making efforts to strengthen the organisation. After his resignation from the position of CM, he went to Sena Bhavan several times and spoke to the workers. His focus is on promoting Shiv Sena especially before the BMC elections.

Sharad Pawar predicts the Shinde government will fall in 6 months

Meanwhile, NCP leader Sharad Pawar has predicted that the mid-term elections will be held in Maharashtra. He said the state government led by rebel leader Shiv Sena Iknath Shinde may fall in the next six months. Bawar said this while addressing the Moroccan National Congress and other party leaders on Sunday evening. The NCP leader who attended the meeting quoted Pawar as saying that “the newly formed government in Maharashtra may fall in the next six months, so everyone should be ready for the midterm elections.”

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