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Satellite images show a new class of submarines in China – international news in Hindi

China launched a new nuclear submarine into the sea. This information was obtained from satellite images. According to reports, this could be a new or improved class of nuclear-powered attack submarines. Analysts are watching closely as the Chinese Navy has indicated that it is working on a nuclear submarine.

093 Submarine Hunter Killer

A Reuters report said that this new Chinese submarine was out of water between April 24 and May 4 and was later spotted at Huludao Port in Liaoning Province. Singapore-based security expert Colin Koh said the Chinese Type 093 missile could be a new class of hunter-killer submarine missiles equipped with vertical launch tubes for guided missiles. But he said recent satellite imagery has been too limited to identify the submarine.

Things are not clear where the butt is covered

s. Koh from the Rajaratnam School of International Studies said the images are very interesting, but it is still very difficult to ascertain if we are seeing some kind of overhaul or a whole new class of submarines for testing. Since the stern is covered, it is not possible to determine what type of propulsion the vessel is using.

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Tensions may increase in the South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific region

Experts also said that if China launches a new nuclear submarine, tensions may increase in the Indo-Pacific region, including the South China Sea. Since China already has tensions with many countries in the South China Sea, any move by China could raise tension in this region.

Let us tell you that the Chinese Navy insists on submarine attack with ballistic missiles to monitor enemy ships from its aircraft carrier. Experts say things are not clear about the new submarine yet, but it can certainly be said that China is doing something new about attacking submarines.

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