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Seydu Musiwala kills Punjab police request red corner notice for conspirator Goldi Brar who is in Canada

The process of bringing gangster Goldie Prair to India may soon begin. In fact, Punjab Police demanded a red corner notice for this. Let us tell you that gangster Goldie Brar has taken responsibility for the murder of Sidhu Musewala on behalf of Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Now Punjab Police are not spared to hand over the gang.

Where is Goldie Prair?

Saturnjit Singh aka Goldie Prair is a resident of Moxar and went to Canada in 2017 on a student visa. He is an active member of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang. A Punjab Police spokesperson said that on May 19, 2022, ten days before Seydu Musiwala’s murder, the police sent a motion to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to issue a red-corner notice against Goldi Brar, which would lead to his extradition to India. will pave the way for

The father became emotional at the last ardas of Seydu Musiwala, he said – he couldn’t stay with him at the last moment, I don’t know what was his fault

Goldie deals with the Bishnoi gang

Goldie Brar has also been held responsible for his misdeeds in the past long before the murder of Sidhu Musewala. There are five different pictures of Goldie Brar in the Punjab Police File. Goldie faces several serious criminal charges, including murder and extortion. He faces a total of 16 criminal charges. In four cases, the courts acquitted him. Brar was active in Firozhipur and Maktsar before moving to Canada. According to the report, after Lawrence Bishnoi’s arrest, Goldie Brar now heads the Bishnoi congregation.

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Lawrence Bishnoi pleaded guilty to the ‘crime’

The gang is also being questioned by Lawrence Bishnoi in the case. Lawrence Bishnoi told investigators that members of his gang, including Canada-based Goldie Brar, plotted to kill singer Seidu Musiwala. Officials provided this information on Friday. Bishnoi alleged that Musiwala was involved in the murder of youth leader Akali Dal Vikramjit Singh alias Vicki Maidokheda on August 7 last year, due to “enmity” between Bishnoi and the Punjabi singer. Bishnoi is currently being held in the Delhi Police Special Cell.

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Request to issue a Red Corner Notice to CBI

The spokesperson said the proposal to issue a red corner notice was sent on the basis of several cases including FIR No. 409 of 12 November 2020 including various sections of the IPC.

What is the red corner notice

A Red Corner Notice (RCN) is issued to a person convicted of a criminal case. He is somehow asked to track down the person and temporarily arrest him. However, being issued a red corner notice does not mean the person is guilty. After a red corner notice has been issued, the person can be provisionally detained until they can be questioned in connection with the cases.

Punjab Police also sought a Red Corner Notice (RCN) against gangster-turned-terrorist Harvinder Singh Sandhu, known as Renda from Ratuk village of Tarn Taran, which was sent to the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CBI) on May 5, 2022.

“Krab”, who took a selfie with Musiwala before the murder, was arrested, was he working with the shooters by pretending to be a fan?

Rinda is responsible for engaging and operating several terrorist units in Punjab in recent times. It is currently based in Pakistan. He was also, with the support of the ISI, responsible for smuggling huge amounts of arms and ammunition into India. In a joint operation with Punjab Police, a huge cache of arms/ammunition and IEDs was found from the four arrested terrorists in Karnal which belongs to Renda.

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