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Shivam Mavi becomes the player with the most expensive KKR game in IPL history

Shivam Mavi 5 Six In Over: The 53rd match of the IPL 2022 between Lucknow Super Giants and Kolkata Knight Riders will be held at the Maharashtra Cricket Stadium in Pune. In this match, KKR bowler Shivam Mavi hit 5 six times more than once and served a total of 30 rounds. Marcus Stoines scored a hat-trick in the first three balls of Maffei, who finished 19th. Attempting to hit the fourth six, Mafi was captured for a long time by Shreyas Iyer. Next, Jason Holder made this bigger than Mafi by hitting two back six on the next two balls. With this said, Mavi’s throw is the most expensive in IPL history for KKR.

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Earlier, KKR had a 29-time bout against Delhi Capitals in 2018, during which he was bowler Shivam Mavi. In another match against Rajasthan in the same year, KKR had 28 hits in more than one time, and at that time also the player was none other than Shivam Mafi. Mavi has tossed the three most expensive KKR overs to date. Click here to watch the video

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KKR spent Rs 7.25 crore on Mavi at auction

Kolkata Knight Riders have spent a lot of money on Shivam Mavi in ​​the auction for the fifth year in a row. In the massive IPL auction, Kolkata included him in their squad by spending a whopping sum of 7.25 crores. Mavi has been a part of KKR since 2018 and every year KKR has spent Rs 3 crore on it.

Mafi becomes the fourth thrower to hit five sixes in the most IPL match

Shivam Mavi became the fourth IPL footballer to reach 5 sixes in more. Before Mavi, Rahul Sharma in 2012, Sheldon Cottrell in 2020 and Harshal Patel in 2021 had 5 sixes in more.

Lucknow set a big goal against Kolkata

After this extravagant increase on Mafi, the Saudi threw brilliantly and only made 4 runs at the last end. Hitting first, Lucknow Super Giants scored 176 throws for a 7-wicket loss in 20 increases with the help of Quinton de Kock for half a century. Russell took two shares for KKR. In the 19th century, Ayer could have Russell replace Maffei because he only had one left in his share.


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