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Shivpal Singh Yadav attacks Samajwadi Party Chairman Akhilesh Yadav

Samajwadi Party (SP) Chairman Akhilesh Yadav was attacked by his uncle and PSP Chairman Shivpal Yadav. Expressing his pain, he said that whoever taught him to walk kept trampling on him. On the occasion of Eid, before Shivpal Yadav, Azam Khan also targeted Akhilesh with the help of his son’s Twitter account.

Shivpal Yadav said in a tweet on Tuesday that he tried to please (Akhilish Yadav) by going to the lowest point in his respect. Shivpal wrote, “Going to the slightest point in my respect, I tried to please him! Though, if I was angry, how much he offended the heart! We taught him to walk.. and he kept trampling on us.”

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The feud between Akhilesh and Shivpal Yadav over the legacy of Mulayam Singh Yadav is not new. In the same 2017, their paths parted. Shivpal Yadav has formed his new party. But before the 2022 General Assembly elections, Shivpal agreed to an agreement with his nephew by order of elder brother Mulayam Singh Yadav. Shivpal, who was preparing to compete for more than 100 seats, was only given one seat by his nephew and that too on the condition of competing for the tournament icon. Shevpal has been feeling offended ever since.

After the defeat of the SP in the elections, the distance between Akhilesh and Shivbal increased again. Shivpal Yadav raised the flag of rebellion, then Akhilesh asked him to leave soon. There is speculation that Shivpal Yadav may form a new front with Azam Khan. According to political experts, the two leaders can spoil the MY equation of the SP. They are both angry at Akhilesh’s situation and together they can avenge the alleged insult and neglect.

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