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Shivraj Singh Chauhan said Congress’s relationship with terrorist Kamal Nath is behaving like them sir Madhya Pradesh

Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who directly reached out to BJP candidates seeking support from the public and campaigning for the elections, said the congress has ties to terrorists. Shivraj Singh said Kamal Nath is walking the path of terrorists these days. They threaten officers and employees. He also attacked BJS Chief PD Sharma and said that the blood of the members of Congress is in the genes of the British.

State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and BJP state chief PD Sharma, who arrived at Pooja Park in Siddhi district for an election meeting in favor of BJP Municipal Council candidates, strongly attacked the Congress. Tell members of Congress that they have ties to terrorists. Not only this, BJS Chief PD Sharma has attacked the Congress and described them as practicing the policy of lies and deceit. He said that in the blood of members of Congress the genes of the British.

State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who has arrived in Siddhi, criticized the 15-month-old Congress government, after he had made his plans. Not only that, but he said that there is a direct relationship between terrorism and Congress. Let’s take history and see that terrorism has only increased because of Congress. Terror and Congress complement each other.

He said this thing on Ajmer.

He said people of all faiths go to Ajmer Sharif, we respect all religions. Terrorists threaten to kill and Congress is working to save him. We will not tolerate terrorists and enemies of the country at all. For us the nation is paramount. We are willing to sacrifice everything to serve Mother Bharati.

Big attack on Kamal Nath

Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that nowadays even Kamal Nath has become like a terrorist. It threatens officers and employees. Yesterday also threatened today..I will see..the day after tomorrow I will settle..the day after will give with BJP. He said that even when I was the chief minister, Kamal Nath Dada was threatening and humiliating him. You are no longer the PM, but you do the same work. The rope burned, but the force did not burn. The state’s prime minister appealed to the people of Sidihi to win their candidates.

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