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Shocking video from China shows a man put in a body bag is actually alive!

A shocking video has emerged from China, in which medical workers can be seen carrying a living man in a body bag. In the video, it is seen that the living person is kept in a corpse bag and when they move, the medical personnel realize they have made a mistake. The video is allegedly from Shanghai, the economic hub of China. Let us tell you that Shanghai is currently fighting the devastation of Corona.

According to media reports, officials announced the death of an elderly man living in a retirement home and sent him to the morgue. Fortunately, the person began to move before the burial. Then the medical staff brought him back to the hospital. A video of the two of them goes viral on social media, where they learn about this whole incident.

According to reports, two staff members working in the mortuary at Xinchengzheng Welfare Hospital in Putuo District of Shanghai are carrying a dead person in a body bag. Someone opens the bag and insists that person is not dead.

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The man who filmed the video can be heard criticizing the Chinese authorities. According to a translation provided by CNN, the man said, “Everything is going well in the nursing home. They sent a living man to bury him. They say he died.” A rigorous investigation has been launched into this serious negligence case.

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