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SL cricketer Chamika Karunaratne Said can’t even go to practice cricket due to fuel crunch

Sri Lankan cricketer Chamika Karunaratne, who made her international debut in 2019, is deeply concerned by the ongoing gasoline shortage in the country. Because of this, he is unable to go about his usual practice. After standing in line for two days, he filled his car with oil. Speaking to news agency ANI, the player said, “Fortunately, I got petrol after standing in a long queue for two days, due to the huge fuel crunch, I couldn’t even go to play cricket.”

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Since independence, along with an acute shortage of fuel, the entire country is facing an economic crisis. Even the troubled cricketer does not know what will happen, “I am coming on this day as two important series and matches of the English Premier League (LPL) have been announced.”

Sri Lanka will host the AFC Asian Cup in August, with the T20 League tournament approaching. Karunaratne said, “The Asian Cup is coming and LPL is also scheduled this year. I don’t know what will happen because I have to travel to Colombo and different places to train and participate in the club season. I can’t go to training due to lack of fuel.. Two days ago I haven’t gone anywhere because I’m in Long queue for petrol.Luckily I got it today but this Rs 10,000 petrol will only last for 2-3 days max.

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Chamika is confident about herself and the Sri Lankan team’s preparations for the upcoming 2022 Asian Cup, but it also reflects concerns about the recent crisis.

“We are ready for the Asian Cup and I think for the big event, the country will provide enough fuel,” he said. We are playing against Australia and it was a good match. Even the preparations for the Asian Cup are continuing.

Let us tell you, after Australia, now the Pakistan cricket team is on tour in Sri Lanka. Pakistan arrived in this round to play a two-match Test series.

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