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Sonia Gandhi to go to education office in Congress attack on Narendra Modi affair – India Indian News

The head of the emergency department summoned Congress President Sonia Gandhi and party leader Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald affair. Sonia Gandhi was summoned for questioning on 8 June. Congress itself provided information about this whole procedure and accused the central government of using agencies. Grand Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi told that Sonia Gandhi will go to ED office for interrogation. Besides, it also raised some questions. He said there was no transfer of property or cash in this case, so how did it become a money laundering case.

ED summoned Sonia Rahul in the National Herald case for investigation on June 8

He questioned the government’s intention and said the case was closed by the Director of Emergency in 2015. But the government didn’t like this thing and only the officers who ended the matter were fired. After this the new officers were brought in and the case reopened. The Congress leader said the government was doing this to distract attention from inflation and other problems in the country. He said that Congress is ready to confront the matter politically and legally. He said that we will not kneel in the face of injustice and we will confront it firmly.

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Surjwala compared the Modi government to the British Raj

Not only this, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjwala has also attacked the BJP after getting the ED notice. He said: The National Herald started in 1942. Then the British government tried to crush it. Today the Modi government is doing the same as well. ED is used for this. ED has sent notices to our National President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

Singhvi said – The work is done only in the spirit of revenge

Abhishek Manu Singhvi said the ruling party is operating in a spirit of revenge. There is nothing in this case and the facts are very simple. A summons is issued to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi showing their intention. ED was brought up in this case 7 years later. This is a strange case where there is no money so how did the money laundering happen? It just so happens that an old company has been running the National Herald for decades. The company was not financially successful and had a debt of Rs 90 crore.

He said – If there is no conversion, then what is the problem?

Little thing was done to remove this debt to make this company financially strong. This loan was converted into equity and from the money which came from it, Rs 67 crore was paid to the employees. This loan has been transferred to the new company Young India. Thus, there was nothing wrong with the whole transaction. He said Young India was set up under Section 25. This company cannot take any profits, how could anything go wrong. Not a single penny was transferred and the entire ownership remained with AJL.

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