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Sourav Ganguly was spotted celebrating his birthday by dancing in the streets of London

Former Indian Captain and Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Surav Ganguly celebrates his fiftieth birthday today. Ganguly is currently in London with his wife and daughter. From there, a video of him went viral on social media, which grabbed a lot of headlines. In this video, Ganguly is seen dancing with his wife and daughter, and several attendees recorded a video of Ganguly’s dance movement and uploaded it to social media. You are also watching the video-

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At the same time, Sachin Tendulkar, aka the god of cricket, posted a photo with Dada. Sachin wrote that he celebrates his spanking partner’s birthday with his partner.

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Sourav Ganguly is among the most successful captains of India. The India team under his leadership has learned to wave the three colors on foreign soil, as well as from him the habit of showing confidence in young players by the rest of the leaders.

Ganguly has earned names like “God of Offside”, “Prince of Kolkata”, “Bengal Tiger” and “Dada” during his cricket career.

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Sourav Ganguly served India for 16 years after making his debut against the West Indies in Brisbane in January 1992. Sourav Ganguly had to stay out of the team for almost 4 years after making his debut due to his behavior issue. He was later selected for the Test series in 1996. Ganguly’s real career began in 1996, when he scored a illustrious century against England at the prestigious Lords Cricket Ground. From there he never looked back.

Ganguly scored 7,212 points in 113 tests with an average of 42.17. At the same time, he has 11,363 times in 311 ODIs. The former Indian captain scored 16 centuries in the Tests and 22 in the ODIs. Sourav Ganguly captained the India team in the open matches between 1999 and 2005. In 146 matches, Ganguly’s team won 76 matches as team captain and lost 65 matches. Results did not come in five matches. Sourav Ganguly led the Indian Test team from 2000 to 2005. As captain in 21 matches, Ganguly won 21 matches and lost 13, while 15 matches were drawn. Sourav Ganguly has done wonders in bowling too. He took 32 wickets in the tests and 100 in the ODIs.

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