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SparkToro claims Elon Musk’s Twitter followers can be fake

Are Elon Musk’s Twitter followers fake? The same claim was made in the audience research tool SparkToro’s report. The report states that although the list of followers of all celebrity accounts includes bots and fake accounts, Elon Musk’s Twitter account tops the list. Let us tell you that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has bought micro-blogging site Twitter for $44 billion.

Anyone can access the SparkToro tool to check the number of fake followers on Twitter. The audit data is collected from a sample of 2,000 random accounts, apparently raising questions about the reliability of the data. So we cannot validate the data. Elon Musk hasn’t said anything on the matter yet, although he has expressed his intention to get rid of spam bots on Twitter.

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53.3% of followers are fake
The SparkToro audit tool reveals that 53.3 percent of Elon Musk’s followers are fake, consisting of spam accounts or bots. In its statement to The Independent, SparkToro said, “This audit analyzes a sample of 2,000 random accounts from the most recent 1 lakh accounts that follow AloneMask.” It remains to be seen how Elon Musk deals with the matter, and if this data is accurate, will it lead to a decrease in the number of followers on his Twitter account?

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Musk recently announced his acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion. He sold $8.5 billion worth of shares in Tesla to acquire Twitter. After Elon Musk bought Twitter, preparations for layoffs began at the company. There are also reports that Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal’s job may be in jeopardy.

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