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Speech by Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiari to Home Minister Ajay Singh Bhala

Bhagat Singh Koshyari news: Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari has also been active amid the ongoing tension between the Shiv Sena factions. With a big first step, Koshiari, who returned from hospital after recovering from Corona, wrote a letter to Union Home Minister Ajay Kumar Bhalla. He has asked the Minister of the Interior to keep the Central Security Forces ready as their intervention may be necessary if law and order is established in the state. Let us inform that 15 Shiv Sina rebels have been given Y in addition to security by the central government, under which they are protected by the Central Reserve Police Force. Among these MLAs, 4 are from Mumbai only. In fact, in the past, Shiv Sainiks broke out and attacked the offices of some MLAs. Subsequently, MLAs described their security as a threat.

The governor also wrote a letter to Maharashtra DGP Rajneesh Seth. He says that the way the Shiv Sena leaders make provocative statements, could aggravate the situation. In such a situation, the mutinous legal aid fighters, their families and their homes should be immediately protected. In his letter, the governor wrote that the offices of several MLAs had been vandalized and during that time the police had remained a silent bystander. A police source said Mumbai’s Sada Sarwankar, Mangesh Kodalkar, Prakash Surf and Dilip Land have been given the cover of the CRPF. Under this, 5 members of the Reserve Police Force have been deployed in their offices and homes. Nowadays, these MLAs are located in Guwahati, where the rebel MLAs of the Eknath Shinde faction are also staying in a hotel.

The governor said – 47 MLAs demanded security for me

Governor Koshyari wrote in the letter that he had received a warrant on 25 June of 38 MLAs from Shiv Sena, two members of Prahar Janshakti’s party and seven independent MLAs. She added that police protection for their families was illegally withdrawn. Legal Aid has expressed serious concern about the safety of their homes and families due to the provocative and threatening statements made by some political leaders. The offices and homes of some MLAs were vandalized and the police remained silent onlookers. Therefore, adequate police protection for legal aid agreements, their families and their homes is urgently required.

Maharashtra Home Ministry said – No major accident

Meanwhile, in a statement issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Maharashtra, it was said that there has been no major incident related to disruption of the law and order situation in the state. Adequate security was provided in offices and accommodation for all MLAs who went to Guwahati. The governor said that apart from themselves, lawmakers have also expressed concern about the safety of the family and the home. In such a situation, the police must provide them with security by showing immediate activity.

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