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Statement by Minister of Bihar and BJP Mla Ram Surat Rai that you are alive due to Narendra Modi Viral Video – Statement of Bihar Minister, said

Bihar Minister and BJP leader Ram Surat Rai has highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to deal with the global COVID-19 pandemic. In a video that went viral on social media, the Minister for Revenue and Land Reform is purportedly saying that if I am alive today, it is because of Narendra Modi. The video may have been filmed last week in Muzaffarpur district, where Ram Murad Rai belongs.

He said development work is underway. People have other aspirations. I assure you. The government operates under a system. The development work is done from the remaining amount after the arrangement for life and disaster. In the past two or three years, the economy has deteriorated due to corona (virus infection). Look at the devastation caused by COVID in Pakistan and elsewhere. We were saved by the prime minister getting the vaccines and dealing with the economy.

The minister has been in the news for several such statements in the recent past. Earlier, Ram Surat Rai allegedly described the people who oppose the center’s “Agneepath” scheme to recruit into the armed forces as “terrorists”. The minister also made headlines last month for his outcry against Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s “veto” over the transfers and appointments of more than 100 officers.

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