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Sukesh Chandrashekhar starts protesting again at Tihar Jail and demands TV in Ward

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who is being held in the Tihar Jail in Delhi, has once again started a prison protest. This time, Sukesh put forward a new demand in front of the prison administration. Sukesh asked the prison administration to arrange a television in his suite, so that he would be aware of the news of the country and the world.

He and two other prisoners began demonstrating because there was no television. However, the prison administration vehemently refused his request. The prison administration says there is no protest inside the prison.

The prison administration spoke of Sukesh’s request to provide a television facility for those prisoners whose behavior in the prison is good. Sukish’s behavior in prison is not correct, so these facilities cannot be provided to him.

Sukish is fond of luxury life and spent Rs crore in jail, Delhi Police made a lot of big disclosures in the indictment

It is understood that Sukesh had asked a few days before the prison administration to allow him to meet his wife Lina Maria Paul, which the administration refused, saying that the meeting was not allowed more than twice a month. May go. Then he started a hunger strike.

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Let us tell you that Chandrashekhar is a notorious thug and the Delhi Police are investigating the charges of criminal conspiracy, fraud and extortion against him of around Rs 200 crore. It is alleged that Chandrashekhar was running a fraud and extortion operation with the complicity of prison officials and some outside partners.

Assistant Superintendent of Tihar Jail arrested on charges of aiding imprisoned gangster Sukesh Chandrashekhar

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