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Supreme Court issues order on July 11 in contempt case against Vijay Mallya – India India News

The Supreme Court will sentence fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya on July 11 in a contempt of court case. A three-judge court presided over by Judges UU Lalit, comprising Ravindra S Bhat and PS Narasimha, will deliver the verdict on Monday. The court reserved its order on the matter on March 10. The Supreme Court convicted Vijay Mallya in 2017.

While the case was being heard, the High Court said Malia was acting as a free person in the UK and no information was received about the proceedings relating to him. Before retaining the ruling, the High Court said: ‘We have been told that there are some cases (against Malia) ongoing in the UK. We do not know the number of pending cases. The issue is with respect to our jurisdiction, how long will we be able to continue like this.

“I am unable to take sides”

At the same time, during the hearing, Malia’s lawyer said that he could not receive any guidance from his UK-based client, so he is paralyzed and unable to make his (financial) side as to the length of sentence to be given in the contempt case. Huh. Earlier, the court had set a hearing for February 10 citing the long term given to Malia and given the fugitive businessman one last chance to appear in person or through his lawyer.

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The court convicted in 2017

Malia was convicted in 2017 for contempt and the order was to be included to determine his proposed sentence. The Supreme Court rejected Malia’s 2020 review petition to review the 2017 ruling. The court found him guilty of contempt for diverting $40 million into his children’s accounts in defiance of court orders.

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