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Supreme Court refuses to interfere with MCD drive but withdraws civil authority for not giving advance notice in demolishing Shaheen Bagh

On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear the petition to remove the infringement of Shaheen Bagh, while on the other hand, it directed a reprimand to the Ministry of Defense. MCD Supreme Court said – We do not interfere in your business but why not do this according to the law? Why not give them advance notice? We warn you not to demolish any building without warning. Earlier, the Supreme Court had refused to hear a petition to prevent the Ministry of Defense and Probation from removing the infringement of Shaheen Bagh. The court said this petition should be taken to the Supreme Court.

Why did CPI(M) file the petition?

Not only that, the court asked the petitioner why the political party is submitting a petition in the Supreme Court instead of the people of the area and shop owners affected by this infringement? And the court asked – why is CPI (M) submitting this petition? Whoever was affected by this act, even if they came here, we could have understood. What are the basic rights of any party being violated in this case? Is there anyone affected by this act?

Hawkers will be fired if they break the law

In this regard, Senior Advocate B Surendranath, who appeared before the court on behalf of the petitioner, said the Street Vendors Association is also one of the litigants in the petition. In this regard, the court said that if street vendors are found to be breaking the law, they will be removed. The court further said that street vendors sell goods on the streets. While removing the encroachments in Jahangirpuri, we had to intervene because the building was being demolished there.

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Political drama in Shaheen Bagh

It is worth mentioning that officials of the South Delhi Municipal Authority arrived on Monday to Shaheen Bagh in Delhi with a bulldozer to remove the infringement. After that, hundreds gathered there and anti-government slogans began. Meanwhile, the leaders of the metropolitan party and general congress have arrived at the site. After much ruckus, MCD officials went with the bulldozers without any kind of sabotage.

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