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Survey of Gianvapi Mosque Decision of Hindu Supreme Court Sena Appeal

The Supreme Court made an important decision while hearing the controversy over the Gianvapi Mosque. The court said that the place where the ship “Schiffling” was found must be closed and fully secured. During the district administration order, the Supreme Court said that full security must be provided to Shivling’s place, but because of this prayer should not be interrupted. With this, the Supreme Court set on Thursday the date of the next session. In its ruling, the Supreme Court said, “Until the next hearing, we have ordered the Varanasi municipality to protect the place where the Shivling meets, but Muslims should have no problem in offering prayer.”

Supreme Court rejects survey of Gianfapi Mosque

Besides, the Supreme Court refused to suspend the survey of the Gianfapi Mosque. The Supreme Court said the trial is underway in the lower court in this case, so the local court’s decision should be awaited. During that, Attorney General Tushar Mehta, who appeared on behalf of the UP government, said the UP government needed their help with some issues. In the High Court, the Anjuman Antjamiya Mosque Committee appealed the order of the Varanasi court to conduct a survey, under which the building is to be videotaped.

Gianvapi Survey: Two Days to Report, Ajay Mishra’s Vacation

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The lawyer for the Mosques Committee reminded of the law on places of worship

Lawyer Ahmadi, who appeared before the committee, during this period demanded the Supreme Court to stop the survey and appoint the court panel in this regard. He said that the status quo must be ordered in this regard. Referring to the law of places of worship, he said that the current situation is mentioned in the third clause of it.

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