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Survey of Jianfabe Mosque Court ruling ruling to close the place where the tremor was found

Survey work of Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi was completed on the third day today. After completing the survey, the Hindu side claimed that – “Baba has been found”. It was said that the “black stone” was found in the survey and is Shivling. There is more evidence than I thought.

After the survey, the Hindu side approached the court to protect Shivling, as the Varanasi court immediately ordered the DM to close the place where Shivling was found. Don’t let anyone go there. The court gave its responsibility to the administration of the district and the CRPF.

The survey of the Gianvapi Mosque was completed, and the Hindu side claimed it was acquired by Baba; The report will be presented in court tomorrow

Besides ordering the closure of Shivling’s venue, the court also established the personal liability of those responsible. The court said in its order – “The District Judge, Police Commissioner and Police Reserve Police Chief have instructed that the entire personal responsibility for protecting the premises and keeping it closed, shall be deemed to be the personal responsibility of all the above-mentioned officers.”

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The Islamic side denied the allegations of the Hindu side
Once the Gyanvapi survey was completed, the Hindu side claimed to have found Shivling there. Hindu antagonist Suhanlal Arya said there was more evidence than he thought. However, the Islamic side completely denies this claim. The Islamic side claims that nothing has been found in the Gyanvapi Mosque, which is claimed by the Hindu side. Between this claim and the counterclaim against it, Commissioner of the Court Ajay Kumar Mishra did not respond to Shivling, citing the court’s guidance. The administration also ignored such allegations and pleaded with people to pay attention only to the official statement. It has been said on behalf of management that if any party tells anything of his personal will, it is his personal opinion.

The prohibition of ablution
Shortly after the survey was completed, the matter of Shivling also reached court. The court, by order after claiming its Hindu side, forbade turning around Scheffling. Waju has also been banned there.

listening tomorrow
According to the court order, now only 20 people can go for prayer. On court orders, the survey of the Gianvapi mosque complex lasted for three days and a total of 10 hours. The commissioner of the court, Ajay Kumar Mishra, will present the survey report tomorrow. Then the court will decide what is the truth of Gianfabe?

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