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Swiggy closes Supr Daily in 5 cities from tonight May 10 – India Business News

Swiggy Super’s daily service comment: Swiggy’s Super Daily has announced the closure of its operations in five cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. Super Daily notified its users of the downturn on Tuesday. In fact, Swiggy Super Daily is downsizing, so it won’t work in many cities. Swiggy Super Daily offers an organic delivery service for milk, daily necessities and groceries.

Information provided by the company
Fanny Kishan Adibali, co-founder of Swiggy and CEO of Super Daily, said in an email to our employees, “We have become a special part of our customers’ lives but unfortunately now we have to stop our service. We are not yet on the path to profit. In such a case, from It is appropriate for us to stop spending so much time and money on work.Now that we have entered the new financial year, it is important that we save ourselves from this.Organize in a way that helps us achieve our goals.

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What did the company say?
Meanwhile, Super Daily said in its customer blog, “We will continue to serve our customers in Bangalore without any interruption. We will be discontinuing our services from May 12, 2022. During this time we will only serve dairy products from the current.” It will serve subscription orders only. No new orders will be taken as of tonight, May 10, 2022.” The company said that if you’ve earned Wallet Credit and a Super Access membership, it will start taking withdrawals by May 12.

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The company was providing the service until 11 pm
Super Deli delivers milk, daily necessities and groceries at home from 7am to 11pm. The company was founded in 2015 by graduates of the International Institute of Technology in Bombay, Shreyas Nagdawane and Puneet Kumar. Later in September 2018, this company was acquired by Swiggy under an all-cash deal. Swiggy was looking to do business in the e-grocery subscription space. Not only that, it was acquired by Swiggy with the aim of strengthening its grip in this market. Since then, Super Deli has expanded its services to more than 500,000 customers, with 200,000 orders delivered daily across six cities.

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