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Tajinder Pal Singh Baga Punjab Police Arrest Case before Supreme Court – India India News

In the case of the arrest of BJP leader Tajinder Pal Baga, Punjab police suffered a setback from the Haryana and Punjab High Court. Punjab police team attending Bagha who was arrested from Delhi was stopped in Haryana and Delhi Police team came to Kurukshetra and took Baga into their custody. The Delhi Police team left for the capital with Baga. Against the actions of Haryana and the Delhi Police, the Punjab government went to the High Court and demanded the arrest of Bagha in Haryana. But the Supreme Court refused to issue any such order. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police have reached a location close to the capital regarding Baga.

Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann commit sins, as Sidhu rains on Bagga’s arrest

Punjab Public Prosecutor Anmol Ratan Sidhu said the interference of Haryana Police in this measure is a violation of the law. He said Haryana Police interfered with the procedure causing unnecessary delays in the whole process. Not only this, he has asked the court to order the Delhi Police not to cross the Haryana border with Baga. The court refused to issue any order in this regard. However, she was certainly asked to the Haryana government to tell us which authority stopped the Punjab team.

Anil Vig said – Has any torture house been built in Punjab?

On the other hand, Haryana Home Minister Anif Vij has accused Punjab Police of kidnapping Baga. He said, ‘Only this morning we received information from the Delhi Police that Tajinder Pal Bagha has been kidnapped. They were kidnapped and removed from the Bolero’s car. We were told that they were removed illegally. We were forced to take action on the information we got from the Delhi Police. Now Delhi Police will investigate this whole matter. Has a human public party built a torture house in Punjab where it wants to take everyone?

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The Baja family said – The fight has just begun

At the same time, the Baja family members targeted Arvind Kejriwal. Prithpal, Tajinder Pal Baga’s father said, “The party has just started. We will start the fight against Arvind Kejriwal. He said if anyone does anything wrong then a complaint against him can also be lodged with the Delhi Police. After all, why has the Aam Aadmi party not registered any complaint? Against Bagga in Delhi The Haryana Police did their duty only because the Delhi Police were aware of their kidnapping.

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