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Team India may lose the 5th Test against England and the Test series will be shared if the Indian bowlers cannot take at least 2 wickets in the first ten overs on the 5th day

After playing the third day of the fifth test match between India and England at Edgbaston, there was a fear that if Team India didn’t advance by at least 400 points, it could be in trouble. The same thing happened and now after the 4th day match, the match can be said to be out of India’s reach. However, matches and series wins can still be expected.

By the end of the third day match, Team India was leading by 257 points and in the second rounds, the Indian team scored 125 points for losing 3 wickets in 45 increments, but on the fourth day, the team could not play even 37 accumulated sums over a total of 245 innings. Event. There was a fear that the team might come out before they had a lead of less than 400, and that fear turned into a reality when the team could top 377 runs.

At the same time, the England team got off to a good start chasing the 378-round goal. Sure enough, Captain Jaspreet Pomerah brought Team India back, but then Joe Root and Johnny Bairstow pushed India back. England need only 119 hits to win the match and settle the series and the team has 7 wickets on hand. Root and Bairstow return undefeated. In such a situation, this task seems easy for England.

On the other hand, if we talk about Team India, Bumrah would only be able to win this match and series if Joe Root, Johnny Bristow or Ben Stokes were sent off in the first 10 times of Day 5’s first session. Soon he sent Sam Billings to the wing in season one as well. If the fast bowlers fail to do this, then there is a high probability that the outcome of this match will be in the first session itself and the outcome of this match will be in favor of England.

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A lead of over 400 points has been talked about because England recently chased after New Zealand’s 300-point goal in two straight games in fewer games. Even Ben Stokes during this match’s throw-in said he succeeded in the chase and would choose the same option against India. Apart from this, after the third day play, Johnny Bairstow also said the same thing India is offering whatever the target, we will chase it.

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