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Thawra supports eknath shinde except for Rajan Vichares Uddhav’s wife Thackeray Shivsena News – India Hindi News

The rebellion that started in Shiv Sena has now shifted from the legislative party to the councilors. It is reported that 66 out of 67 council members joined Prime Minister Eknath Shinde’s faction in Thane on Wednesday. There have been reports that Thackeray, the former president of Maharashtra, is already trying to keep MPs, businesses and party office holders together after losing around 40 MLAs. His direct influence can be seen in Thane’s civil elections.

Of the 67 council members meeting in Nandanvan, CM Shinde’s residence, 66 members swore to support the Shinde camp. The special thing is that during this time only the wife of MP Rajan Vishar, Nandini Vishar, joined the faction. It is said that after the support of so many council members, the battle of Thane is Shinde vs Thackeray.

Eknath Shinde has just started wresting through the power? A lot of Uddhav Thackeray is still at stake

Mayor Naresh Mahashi, who took sides, said, “We have all been with him since day one. However, earlier, some people did not come together in public. So we decided that we should all come together to show official support for Shinde. Only Nandini Vishar is not With us.Two other counselors, Naresh Manira and Sudhar Kokati, were unable to attend because Manira had bypass surgery and Kokati was on tour.However, they understood with us.

Devendra Fadnavis had to become deputy prime minister first, now there will be no further interference in the government

Ideas instead of ideas
Shiv Sena’s new party, Rajan Vaishar, is now with the Thackeray family. He refused to support Shinde. In such a situation, his wife is now the only Chef Sena member in Thane.

Representatives will also break!
Ghulabrao Patel, who was a minister in Thackeray’s government, recently claimed that 12 out of the 18 Shiv Sena MPs may join the Shinde faction. The special thing is that a member of Parliament recently asked Party Chairman Thackeray to support the NDA presidential candidate Drupadi Murmo. Besides, he also asked for similar instructions to the party.

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