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The Chief Justice of India said that

India Nevada Chief Justice Ramana said on Saturday that covering up serious concerns of the judiciary would paralyze the justice system and that it was necessary to discuss better serving the people. Justice Raman was addressing the first meeting of the All India District Legal Services Authority in Delhi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the judiciary to speed up the process of releasing pro-trial prisoners languishing in jails awaiting legal assistance.

Wherever I go, I try to show the achievements of the Indian judiciary in gaining the trust and confidence of the people. But if we want to serve people in a better way, we need to raise those issues that hinder our work. There is no point in hiding or covering up problems. If we do not discuss these issues, if we do not discuss matters of serious importance, the whole system will collapse.

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Most people suffer in silence

The Chief Justice said that this vision of justice was promised by our Preamble (of the Constitution) to every Indian. The truth is that today only a small percentage of our population has access to the system of administration of justice when needed. Due to the lack of awareness and necessary resources, most people suffer in silence.

The Chief Justice said the meaning of democracy

He said, “Modern India was built with the aim of removing inequalities in society. Democracy means providing a space for the participation of all. Such participation would not be possible without social liberation. Access to justice is a means of social liberation.

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