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The followers of Kanur died in a road accident that crushed a gallab near the area of ​​​​Hatras

An uncontrollable dumper ran over the Kanaras River near Hatras, UP. 6 Canarias tragically died in this accident. The Kanwaris were heading from Haridwar to Gwalior with Gangal. Two people were seriously injured in the accident. It is said that 5 people died instantly. One of them died in hospital. One of the injured is undergoing treatment in Agra. It is said that these Kanwars were going to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh with the Ganga waters from Haridwar.

The accident occurred near Badhar intersection on the Hatra-Agra road under the Saddabad Police Station area of ​​Hethras State. On the night between Friday and Saturday, at about 2:30 pm, a fast, uncontrollable dump vehicle trampled the group of Kanwariyas. In this accident, 5 corals were killed instantly. While two others were seriously injured. He was first taken to the nearest hospital for treatment, where after first aid he was sent to the Agra Medical College. One of the injured is said to have also died.

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According to the information received, this group of kanwaras had gone to Haridwar from Baji Khurd village of Utila Police Station, Gwalior. There the group was returning to Gwalior with Gangal. Upon learning of the accident, the administrative officials and the police arrived at the scene of the accident. Acting on the information, Assistant General Manager Agra Rajiv Krishna and DIG Aligarh along with SP Vikas Kumar Vaidya have arrived at the site. Immediate relief work began to rescue the wounded. The families of the deceased have been notified.

died immediately
Five Kanaras, Jabbar Singh’s son 28, Sultan Singh, 30, son of Ranveer, Amar Singh, 30, son of Manoj Pal, Mohan Singh, 30, Ramesh Pal son of Nathuram and Naresh Pal son of Ramnath died in the area. While Vikas’ sons Prabhu Dayal and Abhishek were seriously injured. Vikas also died of his injuries during treatment.

The bodies were sent for autopsy

The police took the bodies they had and sent them for an autopsy. ADG Agra says a tipper motor will be discovered soon.

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