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The girl who ran away from home wrote on her sister’s instagram – death is very close to me, the police recovered it like this

In Lucknow, UP, an Instagram post of a girl caused a stir in the police department. Hastily, the police began an investigation and began to search for the whereabouts of the girl. In fact, a girl from Thakurjang disappeared on Monday evening in a suspicious case. She posted a picture of her sister on Instagram. Where deep wounds appear on the hand. To obtain information about this, the police began an investigation. Two days later, the police retrieved the girl from Canoog.

According to the victim’s family, a photo with a wound on his hand was sent on Tuesday evening. It is written in the post that you will not be able to see us, death is very close to me. According to Inspector Harishankar Chandra, the 18-year-old left the house on Monday night. After the daughter disappeared from the house, family members reported the matter to the police on Monday evening. The police began searching for the girl after registering a missing case with the complaint of family members. The girl allegedly took money and jewelry with her. According to the inspector, the Instagram post was made via mobile. In such a case, the police began to check the location of the girl’s mobile phone number. However, the police tracked the girl through the site.

Family members panicked after seeing the post on Instagram

From Instagram, the girl disappeared somewhere by placing a picture cut into a vein in her hand. Seeing the post on the mobile phone, the people of the house were frightened. On the same Monday, the family filed a missing person report at the police station. Police said that in the messages sent by the girl expressed her dissatisfaction with members of her family because they do not like her. The girl has three sisters. He also talked to one of his sisters on Instagram and WhatsApp. Based on the location, the police collected information about the girl.

Run Instagram smart

The girl is very fast, she was not using the sim on the mobile phone. The internet was working via wifi. The location could not be detected once WiFi was disconnected. The girl has also been in contact with someone who lives in her neighbourhood. Its location was first found at Ghantagar. And when the police intensified their investigation, the whereabouts of the girl, Gursahigang in Kanog District, was known. The police immediately arrived at the scene and recovered the girl. Inspector Harishankar Chand said the girl was recovered near the road bus stand. She was looking forward to the Delhi bus ride. If the police team was a little late, the girl would have left. The police recovered the girl in time.

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