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The groom’s column under the marquee has opened, his wig has fallen out seven rounds ago, and the bride is angry after seeing the bald husband refuse to marry

Many stories appear these days in the processions of marriage. Because of this the procession returns many times without a bride. A similar case also came to the fore in Unnao, UP. Where suddenly the bridegroom’s pillar was exposed through the pavilion. After that the bride refused to marry. In fact, the procession came on Friday night with a guest from Savipur Kotwali district. The procession, which arrived in pomp, was greeted with a warm welcome by the girls. Thereafter the Jaimala ritual was performed. After eating and drinking, the groom arrived at the booth for seven rounds. Here suddenly the groom felt dizzy and fell. When he saw the groom fall to the ground, as soon as the girl’s brother rubbed his hand on the groom’s head, the groom’s wig came in his hand. The girls were surprised to see that the groom had no hair on his head. Then the bride also refused to marry.

The marriage of Nisha, daughter of Lakhan Kashyap, of Pariyar village in Savipur Kotwali district, on Friday, Pankaj, son of Ashok Kumar Kashyap, resident of Awas Vikas colony was determined at Kanpur Nagar Police Station Kalyanpur. There was a procession in guesthouse located in Savipur, when the groom after Jaimala program etc. got dizzy during whirlwinds and lost consciousness. Where the bride’s brothers Nitin, Vipin, etc. started splashing water on the groom’s face and head and started to caress the groom’s head.

Meanwhile, a wig reached his head in the hands of his brother Nitin. Seeing this, the family members present took hostages by telling the father of the groom Ashok Kumar of cheating. The bride and family refused to walk around and get married. When the matter escalated, someone reported it to the police. The outpost of Bariyar Ramjit Yadav reached the location of the Mayforce. In the morning, a reconciliation took place between the two sides in front of the police. The bride’s side left 5.66 lakhs to Kanpur without the bride after paying the groom’s side.

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