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The ground floor of Mundka village factory was closed 3 years ago by MCD North

The ground floor of the four-storey building that made CCTV cameras and routers in Delhi’s Mundka village was shut down about three years ago by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation with the help of police. Senior sources in the institution say that the owner of the building rented two of his floors by building a road from the other side, and he lives with his family on the fourth floor. The plant was operating illegally in the sealing building, and the role of not only the Northern Company, but also the local police, is still in doubt.

This building, built for the life of 27 people, is located in the non-industrial area of ​​the village of Mundka. Apart from this factory, many factories and stadiums operate illegally here. This area falls under the Narila District of the Northern Foundation. Police arrested both the owners of the factory, Harish Goyal and Varun Goyal.

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This Goyal Brothers Factory was also operating without any license. In this regard, Deputy Commissioner of Narila District Ranjit said that the owner of the factory applied for a license a few years ago, but when his documents were checked, it turned out that he showed the location of the factory in the industrial area in the documents. This was a mistake. He says that the license was not issued after it was proven that the documents were forged.

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High-ranking sources in the company say that this factory was operating illegally. The ground floor of this building was closed down by the administration of the institution with the police about three years ago. A liquor store was also operating on the ground floor itself. After that the owner of the building gave two floors for rent to the factory.

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