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The Hindu side’s leaked Gianvapi survey report said the survey videos are spreading fast and the envelopes will be delivered in court tomorrow.

Besides the affidavit on Gianfabe’s case on Monday, the survey report and a video CD were delivered to the parties in a sealed envelope. Shortly after the report was submitted, the report leaked and videos of the survey went viral. At the moment, the envelopes have only been received by the Hindu side, so after watching the video being played on a channel, avoid them.

The Hindu side held a press conference and claimed that someone had posted the survey video viral. He also showed his four envelopes to the media. He claimed that our envelopes were still sealed. We haven’t opened it yet. In such a case, the big question is how the video got leaked. He said we’re now going to hand all our envelopes in court tomorrow.

Video and photo with Gyanvapi survey report submitted

According to Hindu side lawyer Sudhir Jain, the envelope we received has not yet been opened. Now we know that the video works on some platforms. Now we will complain about this to the court. We got four envelopes from the court, all four envelopes still sealed. We didn’t leak.

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Earlier, after giving an affidavit in court, four out of five women plaintiffs received the CD of the report in a Hindu-side sealed envelope. It is said that due to the failure to provide the affidavit, the other party has not yet received the report or the CD. In such a case, only four envelopes were handed from the court and the question is raised as to how the leak occurred even after the four were told to seal them.

At the same time, Muslim side lawyer Abhinath Yadav claimed that only the people who got the video leaked it. He said that these people were upset by the arguments that were made continuously for two days, and now the video is spreading widely to confuse the public. There is a big conspiracy behind this. These people want to spread unrest in the country by raising the public level through video. The leaking and dissemination of the video also defies court orders. In this regard, his point of view will be kept in court and a complaint will be filed.

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