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The miscreants changed the Ambimata temple into the Qahqasha Mosque on Google Maps for the Hindu-Islamic controversy

Now, Google has also jumped into the ongoing feud between Hindus and Muslims and the temple and mosque in the country. By messing around with Google Maps, someone showed the mosque there instead of the temple. Then the controversy escalated. In fact, on google map, Kahkashan Masjid Bhadwasa was shown in place of Ambemata temple located in Bhadwasa village in Ratlam district.

This screenshot has spread to Google Map showing the mosque instead of the temple. Since then a tense atmosphere reigns in the village. The locals were outraged by such a big mistake in Google Map and the angry people arrived at the Namli Police Station. Here angry people filed a lawsuit against unknown persons.

Let us tell you here that there is an option to add, edit and correct a location or address in Google Maps. It is said that some people did this with the intention of disturbing religious harmony.

Shahrukh doubts

According to some media reports, a young man named Shah Rukh has been suspected of harassing the villagers in Google Map. Then he called Shahrukh’s people and questioned him. The police, who arrived at the village with the team force, arrested 27-year-old Shahrukh, his 29-year-old friend Amin and a 17-year-old underage boy. The mobile phones of these three were said to have been confiscated. However, the police are now conducting further investigations into the matter.

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