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The National Commercial Bank has filed draft charges against Riya Chakraborty Shweik and others before a special court in relation to a drug case linked to the death of Susant Singh Rajput.

Susant Singh Rajput Drug Case: The Narcotics Bureau (NCB) has sent Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty, her brother Shovik to a special court in Mumbai in connection with a drug case related to the death of late Bollywood actor Susanth Singh Rajput. Filed against Chakraborty et al. The next session will be held on July 12, 2022. However, the court has not yet brought charges against Ria.

Special Prosecutor Atul Sarpande said that for his part, the charges against all the accused have been confirmed as mentioned in the indictment paper filed before the court. The court urged the court to bring charges of drug use against Riya and Shovik Chakraborty and for the purchase and payment of such substances to the late Susanth Singh Rajput. Atul Sarpande said the court was supposed to bring charges to all the defendants, but it could not be done because some of the defendants had applied for release, he said, adding that the court said that after adjudication of discharge petitions. The charges will only be framed after that.

Let us inform that all the defendants including Ria and Shovik appeared in court on Wednesday. Special Judge F. c. Raghuvanshi, who has heard matters relating to the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), has scheduled July 12 for the next hearing on the matter. Notably, Rhea Chakraborty was arrested in this case in September 2020. He was released on bail by the Bombay High Court about a month after his arrest.

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