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The officer asks how he touched the harasser.. The woman who received the complaint of the alleged investigator from CM threatened to sacrifice herself

An angry woman arrived at the police commissioner’s office on Sunday after no action was taken against someone who claimed to be the deputy prime minister despite filing a sexual harassment complaint. A police officer at the Rabatore Police Station is alleged to ask how the harasser touched her. How did you talk Give information about this and then action must be taken. Besides, the woman threatened with self-immolation. Even before meeting the commissioner, the police took the woman under her authority. Then, following the instructions of senior officials, the Rabatore police moved in and arrested the alleged leader.

In fact, the woman filed a complaint against Shiv Kumar Singh aka Babu, a Surendra Nagar resident at the Rabatore Police Station. In this it was alleged that Babu describes himself as a high-ranking official in a religious organization and a professional of the Prime Minister. The woman residing in Banki says Shivakumar started talking to her on the pretext of getting a senior position in the religious organization. A few days later, he started sending obscene messages on the mobile phone.

He also made lewd video calls. He also pressured her to have physical relationships. About the victim’s complaint, Rabatore Police wrote a report but allegedly no action was taken. The victim got angry about this, and threatened to get to the commissioner’s office. On this the police transferred him to the Rabatore Police Station. Inspector of Rabatatur Aman Singh said that alleged religious leader Shiv Kumar Singh has been arrested.

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