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The Russian army eludes Ukraine by changing the attack strategy with heavy bombing at night in Luhansk

Russia has surprised everyone with its war strategy against Ukraine. The Russian army is bombing Ukraine at night, not during the day. A similar scene was seen in the industrial province of Luhansk, eastern Ukraine. The governor there claimed that the Russian forces were turning the area into an inferno. Before the attack, the Ukrainian government urged residents of the Russian-controlled area in the south to leave the area at any cost. There were also reports of a temporary cessation of attacks in Luhansk.

There are reports of intense bombing by Russia in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. Luhansk Governor Serhiy Heidi said that the Russian army fired more than 20 mortars and missiles at the province during the night and that his forces were trying to break through the Donetsk border. “We are trying to prevent Russian forces from the suburbs,” Heidi said on social media.

Bombing as before

“So far, the enemy’s attacks continue and they are bombing our land as before,” the governor said, amid expectations that the Russian forces would stop the attack temporarily. However, Heidi later claimed that the destruction of Russian military bases by Ukrainian forces forced the Russian army to stop the bombing of Luhansk.

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Ask people to leave the area as soon as possible

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina V. urged people living in the areas in the southern part of the Russian-controlled country to leave the area as soon as possible so that Russian forces can be used as a shield in case of Ukraine attacks. use them. “You have to find a way out of the area with the arrival of our armed forces to regain control of the area,” he said.

The number of civilian deaths continues to rise

Meanwhile, the civilian death toll during the war continues to rise. Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kirilenko said on Saturday that five people were killed and eight others injured in Russian bombings on Friday in Svirsk and Semihoria in Donetsk province. Two people were killed and three others injured in a rocket attack Saturday morning in the southern city of Kriwi Rih, according to local officials.

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