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The scenario of KKR IPL 2022 qualifying is realistic but Gujarat must defeat RCB and miss out on beating DC by short margins

The Kolkata Knight Riders i.e. KKR had a good start in the IPL 2022, but the team continued to lose in the middle matches. However, KKR still has a chance to qualify for the playoffs but the team cannot qualify for the playoffs alone. Only very few teams have a chance to reach the playoffs, but for this, the team led by Shreyas Iyer will have to rely on the results of other teams. In such a case, find out how KKR can qualify for the playoffs.

The Kolkata team currently has 12 points from 13 matches. By winning the last game, the team can gain 14 points, but qualifying will be determined on that number of points only when the results of the rest of the teams come in according to the KKR. First of all, the KKR will have to score a win against the Lucknow Super Giants, while the KKR will have to hope that the Gujarat Titans will beat the Royal Challengers Bangalore ie RCB. If RCB wins, many teams will be out of the tournament, including the name Kolkata.

Not only that, not only will KKR’s business succeed with their victory and defeat of RCB, but the Mumbai Indians will have to conquer Delhi Capitals. Only then can KKR qualify for the playoffs, but here you also have to understand the math of the net run rate. If KKR beat Lucknow by X runs and Mumbai beat Delhi by Y, then the winning runs of both teams must not exceed 30 runs. Apart from this, the result of the Punjab Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad match will also be important to KKR.


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