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The sexy marriage at Banda Barat arrives at the Bullock carriage and the bride goes to Dolly

Times have changed and there has been a huge change in the way weddings take place. But a wedding in Mahuta village in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh on Monday reminded of times gone by, when the procession arrived on many bull carts. Not only that, dressed in traditional dress, the groom also arrived at the bride on a bull cart. The food at the wedding was also arranged in a traditional style. The Baratites, Grattites, and villagers ate their food while sitting on the ground and were served and fed by the family members. Groom’s aunt Ankit Mishra and village chief Sandhya Mishra said we decided to marry in this way to give the message of avoiding pollution.

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He said the vehicles were not used to avoid contamination. Apart from this, the space was also made of plastic plates etc, and people eat food on the leaves. The villagers were so excited about this marriage that people came to see how the procession came with a bullock cart. Villagers said that preparations for this marriage have been going on for several days and several people with large wagons were contacted to take them to the procession. In fact, bull carts weren’t in vogue for a long time. In such a situation, mobilizing them in large numbers was also a big task.

The villagers said that although many arrangements were made in today’s era, this marriage is reminiscent of the golden age, when processions were driven by ox carts. In the marriage, all the arrangements were made by the villagers and the whole village was seen working together. The groom wore charms made of date palms, which were part of the Bundelkhand tradition. However, now few people wear it. In this way an attempt was made to revive the old tradition again in the groom’s dress, the means of procession, from the arrangement of the food to the bride’s farewell from the doli.

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