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The Supreme Council asks the center to find a solution to the free Rivari culture before the elections by the political parties

The promise of pre-election free schemes, i.e. “Rewari culture”, has been described as a serious issue by the Supreme Court. The court asked the center to take steps to control it. A seat of CJI NV Ramana, Judges Krishna Murari and Hema Kohli told the center that the advice of the Finance Committee could also be used to find a solution to the problem.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice also sought the opinion of Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal on the matter. He was present in court to hear another order. The ICC said, Mr. Sibal is here and is also a prominent member of Parliament. What do you think about this? It is a very serious issue but very difficult to control with politics, Sibal said. When the Finance Committee allocates money to states, it must consider debt and free schemes on the state.

Only the Finance Committee can handle this problem, Sibal said. We can ask the committee to deal with the matter. The Center is not expected to give any direction in this regard. Subsequently, the Board requested additional attorney general K. M. We want to know the opinions of the committee on the advice of Sibal. The matter will now be brought up for hearing on August 3.

During the hearing, attorney Amit Sharma, who is appearing before the Election Commission, said that in the previous ruling it was said that the central government should enact a law to deal with the matter. At the same time, Natraj said the matter is related to the Election Commission. CJI Ramana told Natraj, “Why don’t you say directly that the government has nothing to do with it and what should be done, the Election Commission should do that. I ask whether the central government considers the issue serious or not? You take the first step, and then We will decide whether these promises will be fulfilled in the future or not.After all, why does the center refrain from taking steps?

In the case, petitioner Ashwini Upadhyay said that this is a serious issue and the polling commission should prevent parties at the state and national levels from making free promises. Upadhyay said there are lakhs crores debts on the states. We are on our way to Sri Lanka. Also, earlier, the court requested a response from the Center and the Election Commission to this petition. In his petition, Obadiye alleged that political parties use free gifts to lure voters and make their plans a success. This shakes the roots of free and fair elections. This encourages corruption.

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