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The Taliban leader said that no one interfered in the internal affairs after a UN report on terrorism

Taliban Supreme Leader Hebatullah Akhundzadeh said on Wednesday that he will not allow Afghan soil to be used for attacks on any country. The Taliban leader also said in his message that no country should interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Let us be informed that the UN report claimed that thousands of foreign fighters live on the soil of Afghanistan. It also has terrorists from al-Qaeda and Pakistan from the military and the military.

Regarding this UN report, Akhundzadeh said that he will not allow the territory of Afghanistan to be used against any country. And he said in his message: ‘I assure my neighbors, the region and the world that the security of any country will not be threatened from here. We also asked other countries not to interfere in our internal affairs.

“We want good strategic, political and economic relations with the whole world,” he said. This includes America as well. We feel that the interest of all parties is hidden in this. Let us tell you that last month India also registered its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. In August last year, when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, many countries withdrew their ambassadors from here and closed the embassy.

A delegation from India visited Afghanistan before re-engaging its technical team in Kabul. The Taliban had promised India to take action against Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed. However, the Taliban has so far not taken any action against any terrorist organization. Akhundzadeh also made promises regarding education in Afghanistan.

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