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The war between Russia and Ukraine Why Ukrainian President Zelensky had to auction his shirt amid the Russian attacks for 85,000 rupees

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has auctioned a much-loved charity for £90,000 (INR 85,43,505.62) at a charity auction in London. This event was organized by the Embassy of Ukraine at the Tate Modern on May 6. The jersey’s starting price was set at £50,000. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged buyers to submit higher bids.

Zelensky also spoke about the event in a virtual way before the auction. She was praised for her support by Britain and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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Zelensky also said that Russian forces destroyed nearly 400 health facilities, including hospitals and maternity hospitals. He also highlighted the problems posed by Russia to Ukraine and Europe. Let us tell you that Tate Modern has also released an official press release detailing the “Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine”.

According to the statement, “Tate stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and in their condemnation of the Russian invasion. In cooperation with museums and other art organizations around the world, we support the global campaign to immediately withdraw Russia from Ukraine and will not work with or maintain a relationship with anyone associated with the Russian government.”

Earlier, financial commentator Peter Schiff complained that Zelensky was addressing the US Congress in a T-shirt. In his speech, Zelensky urged US President Joe Biden to impose more sanctions on Russia and create a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Newsweek reported.

Members of Congress warmly welcomed Zelensky’s emotional plea, but Schiff made the insensitive comment on Twitter, writing, “I understand times are tough, but isn’t the President of Ukraine wearing a suit? I’m not in the US Congress.” There isn’t much respect for current members either. I still don’t address them wearing T-shirts. I don’t want to disrespect the organization or the United States.”

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