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Theiagraj stadium controversy: MHA relocates IAS officers Sanjeev Khairwar and Rinku Doga to Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh from Delhi – India Hindi News

The IAS couple went for a walk with the dogs at Thyagaraj Stadium in Delhi. The Federal Ministry of Interior has transferred the spouses of Sanjeev Khairwar and Rinku Doga. The action by the Federal Ministry of Interior comes after media reports emerged regarding the misuse of facilities at Thiagaraj Stadium by Sanjeev Khairwar and his wife Rinku Doga.

As per the order of the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs, Sanjeev Khairwar has been transferred to Ladakh and his wife, Rinku Doga, has been transferred to Arunachal Pradesh. Both are 1994 IAS officers’ cadre.

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Athlete and coach complained

In fact, the athletes and coaches at the Delhi government-run Thyagaraj Stadium complained that they were forced to complete training early. According to him, this is because over the past few months, Delhi Chief Secretary (Revenue) Sanjeev Khairwar has come here to walk his dog.

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Less time to train

One of the coaches said earlier that we were training until about 8:30 pm, but now we are asked to leave the stadium at 7 pm just so the officer can walk his dog. Because our training and exercise routine has been disrupted.

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