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TMC attacks conference after Ed Rahul Gandhi summoned Sonia Gandhi said hypocrisy – Indian Indian News

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi appeared before the emergency department on Monday in the National Herald case. During this, Congress leaders organized a rally in Delhi and demonstrated everywhere. Several leaders and activists were arrested. TMC spokeswoman “Jago Bangla” researched the Congressional process and called it hypocritical. The address of the ED spokesperson was calling Rahul Gandhi, Congress protesting, Sonia Gandhi in hospital.

Let us inform that the day before, the interim President of Congress Sonia Gandhi was hospitalized due to problems related to Covid. He is said to be in stable health. The Director of Emergency summoned him to appear on 23 June. The article in Jago Bangla stated, “When they received summons from the agencies, the upper echelon of Congress trembled with fear.” Let us inform that Rahul Gandhi has been questioned by Ed in National Herald case.

Updates on Rahul Gandhi’s interrogation in the ED office here

The newspaper report stated, “TMC takes a clear stance in its approach. The protest which the Congress decided to organize is an opportunistic policy and double standards. The TMC also took a look at Congress leader Adir Ranjan Chaudhry. The newspaper wrote, “In Bengal, Congress Speaker Adir Ranjan is attacking Chaudhry, who suspended the party, the TMC every day. Now what do she and the Congress party want to say?

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It was said in Jago Bangla that Congress should support the ED’s recall because when the leaders of the TMC were called, they supported the action. Let us tell you that these things were said in the TMC mouthpiece when Mamata Banerjee planned a meeting with opposition leaders including Sonia Gandhi on the same 15 June.


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