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TMC Chairman Mamata Banerjee speaks on Eid al-Fitr and takes on the BJP

West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee addresses the people on the occasion of Eid on the Red Road in Kolkata. Mamta Banerjee, who arrived on Tuesday morning, while sending a lonely message on Eid, promised to bring the good days. Besides, Mamta Banerjee in attacking the BJP said our promise of ‘Aki Din’ is not void. He said we’re talking about making everyone’s day into good days. Addressing the huge crowd, Mamta Banerjee said, It is you people who have given me strength to fight those who want to break the people.

The Bengal chief said, ‘We want the religion to come, but this is not our false promise. Some people come to smash Hindus and Muslims, but do not listen to their words. We oppose them and you have given them the strength to compete with them. Mamta Banerjee said we know how to compete with these people. You must show the whole world that there is no unity so much as in Bengal. They insult us a lot and will do so in the future. But we are not afraid, we fight and we know how to fight.

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Mamta Banerjee said: The weather in the country is not good. Divide and conquer policy is not good. Separation policy is not good, we are good at unity. “Ashwar Allah is your name, may Allah please everyone,” Mamta Banerjee said, mocking the opposition. Let us tell you that one year has been completed since the TMC’s victory in the Bengal Assembly elections, but there is still a path to the rally battle between the BJP and it.

On Monday the same, BJP leaders demonstrated after one year of post-election violence ended. Apart from this, Home Minister Amit Shah visits Bengal on May 4th. It is said that during this time he will meet the workers and their families who are suffering from violence, while on the other hand he will try to persuade the angry leaders of the BJP. The political temperature in Bengal may rise again due to the visit of Amit Shah.

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