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tmc leader partha chaterjee turned bhubaneswar aames people shout chor chor

When TMC leader Partha Chatterjee, who had been arrested in the SSC fraud case, was flown to AIIMS by air ambulance, people started shouting “chur chur” outside the hospital. Partha Chatterjee and his assistant Arpita Mukherjee have been arrested by the emergency director in connection with the teacher recruitment scam. The leader of the Transitional Military Council had complained of his ill health after being sent to the emergency department for two days. He was then admitted to SSKM Hospital on Saturday evening.

Separate apartment for dogs
The Emergency Department has applied to the Calcutta High Court saying it is against the law. Subsequently, the Supreme Court ordered the CEO to transfer Barth to AIIMS. Since Partha Chatterjee’s arrest, the emergency department has exposed several cases of his disproportionate assets. He also had three apartments in Diamond City. There was a fully furnished air conditioned apartment for his pet dogs. It is said that he loves dogs very much.

After the arrest of Partha Chatterjee, a cash of Rs 21 crore was recovered from the home of his close assistant Arpit Mukherjee. Apart from this, jewelry worth Rs 1 crore was found from his residence.


Let us be informed that after Parth’s arrest, BJP workers in West Bengal took to the streets against the TMC government. Meanwhile, after the arrest, Barth is said to have tried to contact Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee at least four times but there was no response from there. Let us tell you that TMC said TMC will also take action against Parth if she is found guilty in the investigation.

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