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udaipur kanhaiya lal kill Rajasthan Police Fir Incident Sequence

I wrote against our prophet, you have no right to life. We will bring you Hindu infidels to the end. While slashing Kanhayal’s throat with the dagger, the accused was spewing poison that Pakistan and terrorist organizations had filled his mind with. This was also mentioned in the FIR recorded by Rajasthan Police in connection with the Kanhayal murder case.

According to a report in News18, the police have registered a case under various sections of the UAPA and the IPC. The National Intelligence Agency has now taken over the investigation and has registered a case under the same departments. Articles 16, 18 and 20 of the Anti-Terrorism Law were also imposed, which are used in case of committing any terrorist act and belonging to a terrorist organization.

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The Rajasthan Police has registered the FIR based on the complaint of Kanhayal’s 20-year-old son. The FIR report refers to the complaint of Kanahia’s son, in which he said: “These two killers were attacked as a gang to create fear and terror among the majority of the country’s population. After planning the crime, my father was murdered and others were threatened.”

According to the FIR, the victim’s son said that a relative told him on the phone around 3:30 that his father had been killed. When I got there, he said, the father’s body was lying in a pool of blood outside the shop. He had deep cuts in his neck, left arm and head.” She said Rajkumar Sharma, who was working in the shop, said that two men entered the shop around 3am as customers and asked them to measure their kurta stitching.

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Kanhiya’s son said, “Suddenly the two of them took out the weapons hidden in the clothes and started attacking the father. Both of them were saying during the attack, You have written against our prophet. You have no right to be alive. We will bring you Hindu infidels to the end.”

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