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Udaipur Kanhaya Lal murder case 4 communal riots in 6 months Questions about law and order of Jaipur government Jodhpur Karoli

Udaipur murder case: Due to the tension created after the horrific murder of Kanhai Lal in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the state government has to take many precautions here. Silence reigns in Udaipur and mourning in the home of the deceased. This incident is also viewed from the point of view of a major security slip. There is anger among the people over the failure of the police department.

However, this is not the first time this tension has spread in the state region. Several times in the past few months there have been sectarian violence in different areas, people on both sides falling face to face, vandalism and stone-throwing. There have been 4 community incidents in the state in the past six months. Obviously, in such a situation, questions arise about where the mistake was made by the Jahlot government? After all, why is the administration unable to stop these incidents of spreading toxins in the community in time?

Why are situations like curfews created over and over again?

The people of the state have faced curfews several times in the past few days. Why are situations like curfews created over and over again? This question is very important. Let us inform that in view of the tension that arose after the murder in Udaipur, the curfew in the seven police station areas continued for a second day on Wednesday. Curfew continues in Badi Mandi, Ghantagar, Hatipul, Ambamata, Surajpul, Bhopalpura and Safina police station areas in the district. The internet was down in many places. Because of the curfew, ordinary citizens also have to face a lot of problems.

Attacking the police with a sword

In Udaipur district, the administration was still showing benefit in the curfew that here in Bhima town of Rajsamand district, a young man from the police crowd attacked and injured him with sword. During Rajsamand district protesting the Udaipur massacre, there were demonstrations in Bhima on behalf of various organisations, when this incident occurred. When the atmosphere deteriorated, the police had to use tear gas shells. Bhima is where the accused in the Udaipur massacre were arrested.

CM has a Ministry of Interior

The way communal incidents have increased in Rajasthan in the past few days, it can be said that perhaps not all is well here or law and order has been relaxed by the government. Last month, there was a major incident of communal tension in Jodhpur. At that time questions about intelligence failures were also raised. Prime Minister Ashok Gilot is also asked questions regarding law and order as he has the most important Home Office.

A curfew has been imposed in these areas for the past six months

So far this year, there have been 4 sectarian incidents under the Jahlot government. What’s serious is that after three of these incidents, the police department had to impose a curfew. In March, the two sides came face-to-face when a temple lock was broken in Mandal, Bhilwara. Then the tension spread.

Then, on April 2, during the procession of Nav Samvatsar, there was a pelting of stones on both sides and it was time to impose a curfew for several days. In the following month, there was a big quarrel between the two parties over the installation of the Jodhpur religious flag in Jodhpur. The most recent development was on June 28, 2022 when a young man was murdered in Udaipur. Even after this incident the situation is very tense.

Bad law and order case

The Jhelot government completed three and a half years in Rajasthan. Surprisingly, during this period so far, more than six sectarian incidents have occurred. The Jhelot government has long been a target of critics due to its poor state of law and order. Sectarian tensions have run rampant in the past in places such as Jaipur, Malpura and Chabra. But the government does not seem to have learned much from past events. As a result, such incidents are frequent in the state.

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