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Udaipur murder case, Kanyal killers, listen to Zakir Naik’s video, connect with Pakistan’s therapists, Taliban video

The killers of Kanhalalal in Udaipur have been largely revealed. During a search of the accused’s home, the police found videos of the wanted Zakir Naik’s speech. Police investigations revealed that the accused Gauss was in contact with two Pakistani dealers named Muhammad Salman Haider and Abu Ibrahim. Ibrahim is involved in terrorist activities. Apart from that, the accused had also seen Taliban terrorist videos.

The police recovered Zakir Naik’s videos at Gauss’ house. Investigative agencies are investigating. When Gauss arrived in Pakistan, Salman Haider gave him drastic training. After that, Haider Ghaus met Abu Ibrahim, who was involved in terrorist activities. Since then she has been in contact with these two dealers. Riaz is joined by Gauss.

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It is believed that Abu Ibrahim was aware of the Udaipur massacre. Investigative agencies are trying to find out about Salman. It is also said whether Abu was involved in any kind of terrorist activities and whether he ordered Gauss to kill Canhayal. Two WhatsApp groups are also on the police radar.

WhatsApp group on the radar

There are two WhatsApp groups on the investigative agency’s radar, which includes many people associated with extremist ideology. In this, the disapproved videos were shared. Gauss had brainwashed Riaz and included him with him. Both watched videos of Taliban killings for a long time.

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