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uddhav thackeray attacks eknath shinde and bjp says i will create new shivsena

Chief Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray launched a scathing attack on the BJP for the first time since infighting within the party. Udhav Thackeray said during a meeting on Tuesday that the state of division in Shiv Sena arose not because of the rebels but because of the BJP. Not only that, he said that no matter how many arrows you people ran away with, remember that I have a bow. This Uddhav Thackeray statement has been linked to the ongoing fight for the symbol of the party. He said Thackeray was not afraid of the crisis. Uddhav Thackeray expressed his determination that no matter how many problems arise, we will fight back and build the party anew.

12 Rebel Deputy Shiv Sena Get Y Class Safety, May Join Shinde Faction

This was stated by Uddhav Thackeray while speaking with leaders of the North Indian Confederation in Mumbai. The desk holders present on the occasion spoke about their presence with Chef Sena. Uddhav Thackeray, while addressing a meeting of North Indian Union officials, strongly attacked Eknath Shinde and the BJP. He said, “Run as many arrows as you want, but remember the bow is with me. The rebels have not broken Shiv Sena, the BJP is behind it. The BJP is doing the work of destroying Shiv Sena.

Today the North Indian Union Desk holders met Chief Shiv Sena Udhav Thackeray and said we are with you in this time of crisis. Let us tell you that 12 deputies of Shiv Sena have also indicated to leave Uddhav Thackeray and go with Eknath Shinde. Because of this a great crisis arose before the party. Not only that, the Eknath Shinde bloc is now preparing to go to the Election Commission to claim the bow arrow symbol. Apart from this, the group of MPs wrote a letter to the chief of Lok Sabha Om Birla demanding separate recognition of themselves.

12 Rebel deputies from Shiv Sena get Y class security

12 Rebel MPs of Shiv Sena were given a safety grade of Y. This is the same Rebel MP who wrote a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Lok Sabha. According to the information, this security has been provided since Monday night. These twelve deputies wrote a letter to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla, urging him to recognize Rahul Shewel as the leader.

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