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UIDAI cancels copies of Aadhaar card approximately 6 lakh duplicate Aadhaar – electronic

Aadhar card is an essential document for every citizen of India. It is one of the mandatory documents to benefit from any kind of government services. But nowadays, there are also many issues regarding duplicate Aadhar or fake Aadhar card. In view of this, UIDAI, which manufactures Aadhaar, has started to identify and cancel Aadhaar cards. According to a report by HT Tech, UIDAI has canceled more than 598,999 duplicate Aadhaar cards so far.

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Aadhar your face will be checked soon
Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajiv Chandrashekhar has reported the cancellation of the duplicate Aadhar card in the Lok Sabha. He explained that several steps have been taken by UIDAI to address the duplicate Aadhaar issue and added that an additional verification feature has been added in the Aadhaar card, as the face will be used for Aadhaar verification soon. Let us tell you that so far Aadhaar has only been verified with the help of fingerprint and iris.

In response to another query about illegal websites providing services related to Aadhaar, Chandrashekhar said UIDAI has also sent notices to these websites. He said that UIDAI has given notice to respective website owners to restrain themselves from providing such unauthorized services in any way, and also for host service providers to block offending websites with immediate effect.

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11 Fake Aadhaar Made Websites Banned
As of January 2022, 11 sites are prohibited from providing such services. He explained that these sites do not have the authority to register the resident, modify the biometric information, or link the resident’s mobile number to the current Aadhaar. Users will have to visit UIDAI official website as well as authorized Aadhaar centers to update all details from mobile number update to address and photography.

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