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United Nations: The world may face the largest food crisis in 2023 due to the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine caused a crisis in 94 countries around the world, affecting a total of 1.6 billion people. The United Nations Global Crisis Response Group report states that people around the world are facing a financial, food and energy crisis. The report, published on June 8, talked about controlling food and fuel prices. Apart from this, there has also been talk of increasing social security programs and economic cooperation so that people from the weaker sections can be helped. Not only that, the United Nations said in its report that time is short and the food crisis is enormous.

A major food crisis may appear in the world in 2023

The report says that a major food crisis could arise in 2023. If this happens, there will be food shortages for people and food availability will decrease. “If the war continues and food and fertilizer prices continue to rise, there may be a crisis next year,” the report said. Prices of many food items, including wheat, corn and vegetables, may rise sharply. About two billion people can be affected by this. This number is huge. Let us tell you that after the war in Ukraine, the prices of petroleum products rose all over the world. Apart from that, wheat prices have also reached record levels.

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UN warning, it will be difficult for any country or people to survive

Ukraine is one of the largest wheat producing countries in the world. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the Ukraine crisis could lead to a global crisis. This crisis will be difficult for any country or people. He said that three months have passed since the war between Ukraine and Russia and now new problems are emerging. It was said in the report that the hunger crisis is increasing all over the world and if measures are not taken, it could increase further. Significantly, after the Corona crisis, the number of people facing food insecurity worldwide rose rapidly to 276 million from 135 million earlier.

The ban on the export of Indian wheat also caused an uproar

Let us tell you that Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 and since then it has been more than 100 days. As a result, oil supplies were disrupted on the one hand, and on the other hand there was a crisis in the supply of wheat. Recently, India banned wheat export. In this regard, the G7 countries objected and said that this was a wrong decision. But India defended this and said that the distribution of wheat in the world should not be like the Corona vaccine. We have taken this decision to ensure food security for ourselves and our neighboring countries.

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