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Tuesday and Wednesday proved to be a double happiness for the family of CM Yogi Adityanath, who was mourning the death of his father two years ago. On the one hand, Yogi’s younger brother Mahendra Singh Pisht’s son is shaved, while Yogi Adityanath spent his first night at home after becoming the administrator of the country’s largest state.

Mahayogi Guru Gorakshanath works at the Government College, Bithyani, established by Mahendra Yogi, the younger brother of the Yogi family. Yogi Adityanath came to his village only for the shaving ceremony of Mahendra Anant’s son. After the ceremony at Bithyani Degree College at 5.30 pm, he arrived at his home located about one kilometer away.

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On his way to the village from Bithyani, Yogi also stayed at Thangar Primary School for some time. From here, Yogi reached his home on the unpaved road. Yogi attended the Nuter ceremony in the evening, during which he spoke with all the relatives and acquaintances. At night, in the courtyard of the Bisht family, the drums of Damao roared. A dinner was organized for the villagers, after the child’s hair was done, on Wednesday. Which Yu-Gi-Oh will also participate in.

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Only the chosen ones went home
Besides CM Yogi Adityanath, CM Dhami, Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, MLA Renu Bisht, First President Dinesh Bhatt, District Chief of BJP Sampat Rawat, DM and SSP Pauri as well as three or four others went home. The rest were stopped by the police long before the house. However, drummers and clippers accompanied him home.

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Yogi village has become a fortress
Yamkeshwar. With the arrival of CM Yogi to his home village of Panchur, the police have tightened security in his village. Only guests and villagers are allowed to go about a hundred meters before their house. Uttarakhand police cordon off immediately, while internal security is handed over to NSG commandos. However, traffic on the Laxmanjhula-Kandi-Dugadda highway continued as usual.

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