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UP Friday prayer passed peacefully and ex-DGP Vikram Singh said the truth Paper won’t move if police wanted

Friday prayers today passed peacefully at UP. Uttar Pradesh’s former DGP Vikram Singh’s claim proved true that if the police pursued him without repeating the mistakes of the past, not even a paper would move in the state. He told one of the media that throwing stones at the house of worship is unacceptable. He also gave advice to the UP Police.

Ex-DGP Vikram Singh said precautionary arrest, precautionary measures are being taken, and arrangements are being made for devices with rooftop-mounted drone cameras. Search Municipal Information Register, Goonda Register, Communal Offenders Register, Village Crime Register, Secret Diaries, in Police Stations for information about identified criminals. Inquire about antisocial elements in the past 25 years. Take interactive intelligence. Send the bastards to prison.

He said the police need to be more vigilant to enforce law and order in UP. Besides, police officers will have to take strict steps for this already. They say that sending UP criminals to any other country and if the criminals there bring them to UP, the criminals’ plans will fail. This is not appropriate for politics. This is an opportunity to normalize the situation.

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Peace across the country

After Friday prayers, peace prevailed throughout the state. No inconvenience was reported anywhere. However, UP police were on high alert. Police maintained tight vigilance in sensitive areas. Drones were used to monitor the mosque and its surroundings. The police marched the flag and patrols before the namaz.

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