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UP MP Maharashtra inflation rises lower in Delhi, Bihar and Uttarakhand – Business News India

There are many states in the country where the average national inflation rate is over 7.79 percent. In these states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, inflation is above this average. Inflation is 8.46 in UP, 8.95 in Haryana, 7.80 in Jharkhand, 9.10 in Madhya Pradesh, 8.78 per cent in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, the inflation rate is only 6.58 per cent in Delhi, 7.56 per cent in Bihar and 6.77 per cent in Uttarakhand.

Let us tell you that in April, retail inflation reached nearly eight percent, nearly double from the same month last year. In April of last year, retail inflation was 4.23 percent.

The difference between retail and wholesale inflation

Wholesale inflation measures the increase in prices at the wholesaler’s point and takes into account only the increase in the price of goods, while retail inflation measures the price increase at the retailer’s point and includes the increase in the prices of goods and services. Change is included. Manufactured goods have the highest weight at 64.23% in wholesale inflation. While the highest weight was given at 45.86 per cent in food and beverage retail inflation.

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Inflation intensified due to high fuel prices, and its overall effect on your pocket

That is, when food items are inflated, it is reflected in hash inflation. On the other hand, when the price of manufactured goods rises, its effect on wholesale inflation is obvious. For this reason, it becomes difficult to estimate retail inflation from wholesale inflation because the scale of the two numbers is different.

These things quickly inflated. (percentage)

  • Oil and Ghee 17.28.2018
  • Vegetables 15.41
  • 10.56 . spices
  • Food and drink 8.10
  • Fuel and Energy 10.80
  • Cloth slippers 9.85
  • Transport and Communications 10.91.01
  • Personal Care 8.62
  • Fruit 4.99
  • Prepared meals 7.10

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